01.10 On the first anniversary of the KF Anime 1th
01.10 <Friends Monthly> Proposal, Start

01.23 <Friends Monthly> Proposal ver0.3, Finish
01.25 <Friends Monthly> Proposal ver0.7, Finish
01.29 <Friends Monthly> vol1, Subject determination
01.31 <Friends Monthly> Proposal ver1.1, Finish

02,20 Doujin circle name confirm -- "Friends Mind".
03,06 <Friends Monthly> vol2, Subject determination
03.29 On the first anniversary of the Anime 12th
03.29 <Friends Monthly> vol1 Chinese ver, Release
04.01 Friends Mind, Settle in KF Chinese Communities
04,15 <Friends Monthly> vol3, Subject determination

04.30 <Friends Monthly> vol1 "CN EN JP" Bonus Event
05.01 Friends Mind, Settle in "Twitter, FB, BiliBili, Weibo"
05,03 <Friends Monthly> vol1 PM film CN ver, Release.